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"Thank you for your service to the Diocese of Superior. Quick and accommodating-you took care of us under high stress with an upcoming deadline. ...Keep up with the great work..."

- Megan Noll, Director, Catholic Diocese of Superior

"Thank you for the wonderful service I received when I brought my computer in for repair. I appreciate it!"

- Jackie Leonhard

"I've had computer work done for several years at Computers with Byte. They are very reasonably priced and the work completed is always done very professionally."

- Bob Anderson, United Way

"Appreciate the awesome HP Elite Book 8460p. You definitely took care of me. I let the manager at Dairy State Bank know too that I was very grateful for the referral. Thank You!"

- Arthur Kordus

"Thank you Steve and Simon for the wonderful work you did on my laptop and iPad! They run perfectly now."

- Judy + Rollie

"Quick friendly service reasonably priced... I've bought 2 laptops and a desktop so far 0 complaints definitely will keep coming back."

- Tom Plahn

"Always willing to help and shoot you straight. No games no gimmicks. Great job guys!"

- Bradley Dahle

"They provide great service at reasonable prices. Steve always works hard to guarantee you get the best products to fit your needs."

- Rachel Schewe

"...I just want to express my appreciation to you for repairing my computer in such a timely manner. You stayed late on a Friday afternoon to make sure the computer was repaired...This kind of customer service is not seen very often. Hopefully this kind of customer service will help your business grow in the future."

- Doug Zimmer, Doug's Action Photos

"...thanks for providing a last minute save with peripherals I needed to do a presentation. You got it exactly right! The presentation went off without a hitch...Whew! Thanks for being my "go to" tech crew."

- Heidi Wise, A Wise Choice Communications

"Computers With Byte is an AWESOME place to get PC gear locally. Prices are more than fair. Not only do I use them for our business needs, but also for personal gear for my home computer and gaming rig. Steve and his staff are super friendly and knowledgeable on all current PC hardware. They have an onsite tech that does PC repairs as well."

- George Handorf, Link Ford

"Very professional and friendly. I've been in there a few times now and the staff is always eager to help. I have a gaming PC and it's nice to find a shop that specializes in building rigs especially in rural Wisconsin. I highly recommend this place whether you have something simple that you need help with, or if you are trying to build a high-end gaming PC they can assist you."

- Mike Braemer

"This morning I had an early meeting scheduled and knew I needed to wake early to print reports and get myself ready for. When I woke up this morning I got myself ready and quickly realized I FORGOT MY power cord at Eau Claire Escape Rooms: Tactical Escape 101 last night!!! OH NO!!! What will I do???
I summoned the Facebook God's and asked friends... A friend commented that a local store might have one. I was doubtful and I also knew that they didn't open until LONG after my meeting... I asked a small business owner to do the unthinkable... come in early and HELP!!!
In seconds I received a reply and this business owner rushed to my rescue and got me the cord I needed just in time for a successful meeting... 
Thanks to Steve at Computers With Byte my day and very important meeting was salvaged. Thank you! BTW... MAC users... Steve is your guy! HE HAS MAC stuffs!!!"

- Jennifer  Fonfara, Tactical Escape 101 

"AWESOME CUSTOMER SERVICE, brought in my charger that was broken and not only did they go out of their way to get me a new charger that day, I got free testing on my hard drive:) SUPER GREAT."

- Bailey Rae Engelbrecht

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